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Outstanding Quality, Sustainability and Exceptional Service: Your foundation for success. We are family-owned, and have been providing aggregates for commercial and residential customers for over a decade. We provide a variety of crushed stone, road base and other construction materials, including recycled base material to the commercial and residential markets across Central Minnesota.


Aggregates are rocks, sand, gravel, crushed stone and slag that are used in building projects. They form an essential part of many construction projects, from large-scale commercial to smaller residential projects.

4 Main Types of Aggregates

When it comes to landscaping or construction projects, you have many material options to consider. Commonly used aggregates includ crushed stone, gravel, sand and fill.

Excavation services MN

From Yard to Your Job Site!: Fritz Companies is a family owned and values based corporation, which is staffed by knowledgeable and dependable professionals. We have access to quarries that can be used for almost any project demand. 


Whatever your project needs, we can provide you with top quality aggregates. Here are a few of the aggregates that we can provide. 


If you’re looking for aggregates in Central Minnesota, reach out to Fritz Companies today!

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